A’s for Robert Strong’s Q’s 

I asked Robert Strong about losing his luggage and what it was like putting together a show from scratch. Afterwards he asked me and the rest of the comedy juggling community five questions. These are my answers. I'd love to see yours too. You can post them on the Balls & Jokes Facebook page or... Continue Reading →

Work In Progress: The Deangelo 

I asked some readers of the blog what kind of posts they would like to see. I got varied responses but I heard from several people that they'd like to see a chronicle of a routine, from inception to working material. This is difficult for several reasons. It's pretty boring stuff.  It's a lengthy process. ... Continue Reading →

 The “Oh Shit” Show

Previously I posted about The Dropp Kit, an entry level foray into entertainer emergency preparedness. Today we are leaving behind the the "I have some dried goods and flashlight" Dropp Kit and are going full "underground bunker filled with guns, anti-radiation pills, and John Goodman to make sure you don't leave" Oh Shit Show. What... Continue Reading →

Juggling as a metaphor for the writing process 

George Sanders wrote this interesting metaphor for the writing process using juggling. It was part of a larger article that can be found Here. The phrase "tossed up some suitably interesting pins" keeps knocking around my head. I understand it as part of the metaphor but what if we separated it from the metaphor about writing and... Continue Reading →

Killer Comedy by Jonathan Root 

Killer Comedy By Jonathan Root  Self Published, 123 pages, $6.99  Available on Amazon  I really wanted this book to be great. I think it's amazing that a comedy juggler has written a book about comedy writing. Jonathan and his performing partner are fantastic entertainers who have a had a long and succesfull career. It's my understanding... Continue Reading →

An Argument For Hard Balls 

Which juggling balls a juggler uses is a highly personal decision. In fact, many jugglers have many different sets for different purposes. An old set of bean bags for that super cool four ball forking technique you invented and wanted to film but never did (cough cough Tim Kelly cough). Stage balls for performances. An... Continue Reading →

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