The Blog Name Challenge! 

I've decided to continue to write a blog but I feel like I made my focus too narrow. I'd like to expand from focusing on comedy jugglers to focus on comedy stuffers. People who use objects as a vehicle for comedy.  But I can't figure out a good name.  Greg Frisbee owns but won't... Continue Reading →

My First Notebook Entry Ever

This is the first entry I ever recorded after doing shows. It was Jan. 19th 2008. I had arrived in San Francisco on New Years Eve with nothing and, as the old chestnut goes, I still had most of it left. I'm sure I was told on the 18th to take notes after every show... Continue Reading →

8 Mistakes This Blog Has Made 

I took last week off from the blog to enjoy of bit of work free summer but also because my WordPress service is set to renew (or not) in August. My nature is to reflect and critique and so I spent a lot of time last week looking at and thinking about the blog when... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Do Gigs For Experience 

Occasionally on the Facebook pages of entry level performers you'll see links like this pop up. Often they are well written and can also be very funny. Like the one I just linked too. I enjoy all of them and after reading them I always felt the pang of being a struggling artist and how frustrating it... Continue Reading →

Work In Progress: The Deangelo Part 7

For the past 4 months I've been working on writing my very own The Deangelo, a comedy juggling routine with no juggling in it. You can just talk about juggling, pantomime juggling, or a little of both. You cannot actually juggle. I set myself the goal in March to come up with 4 minutes of... Continue Reading →

“Juggler” In 20 Languages 

Knowing how to point at myself and say "juggler" in a bunch of languages has helped ease my way through many a customs line, security check, and immigration interview. Even just having the word written down on a piece of paper has helped when I spoke neither the language nor understood the alphabet. Here is... Continue Reading →

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