Be Funnier With Scotty Meltzer 

Tag, You're It. One of the biggest differences between amateur joke tellers and professional comedians is their use of tags. A tag, also called a “capper,” “topper,” or “follow up,” is a gag that uses the previous joke as its setup.Tags are one of the most powerful weapons in your comedy arsenal because it’s easier... Continue Reading →

The Tag Reflex 

There is a lot of talk about the importance of tagging your jokes and even a lot written about how to do it. Most people even vaguely interested in writing comedy know the word tag and could probably offer up some examples. The harder part is identifying when you should be writing tags for your jokes and... Continue Reading →

Bad Juggling Wisdom 

Professional comedy jugglers rarely come from kids who grow up wanting to be comedy jugglers. Most of our ranks are from hobby jugglers who are attracted to the idea of making money juggling or who lack the social skills to do anything else. Because we come from the amatuer juggling community we bring along some... Continue Reading →

 Dr. Dropo’s Juggling Buffoonery By Bruce Fife 

Dr. Dropo's Juggling Buffoonery  By Bruce Fife   Piccadilly Books LTD, 104 pages, Out Of Print   Available on Amazon Dr. Dropo's Juggling Buffoonery is an interesting read. It offers rudimentary instruction in the basics of juggling, box manipulation, and balancing tricks but mostly it's a collection of routines for performance. There is no real information about... Continue Reading →

Combination Trick #3

The Moisture Festival!  It's the best thing you can do with your time in March/April. It's four weeks of fantastic shows, comraderie, and beer. It used to be that you had to know one of the producers to get in the show but this year they opened up the process completely. No more grandfathered in... Continue Reading →

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