Jon Udry’s ABC Tour 

There Are Only 6 Days Left!

Jon Udry needs our help to raise funds for his wonderful ABC Tour. The idea is simple and fun: do 26 different shows in 26 different locations. Each show based around a letter in the English alphabet. Sue Grafton might be serving Jon papers but otherwise it’s an original idea. P is for Plagiarism. 
Jon is asking for funds to travel, film, and edit 26 shows. He will post a short version of each show as well as a couple of full length shows on the internet. For people who pledge a certain amount they can see more full length shows, be in the videos, and even pick the locations for shows. 

The idea sounds like a geat one. Jon is an amiable fellow and he was keen on me writing something about the tour on Balls & Jokes. He filmed a nice little promo video for the tour and has been posting funny fake quotes about it from the Queen and other dead or dying people. Jon has obvisouly put a lot of time and thought into this and it would be a shame the project to not happen. 

His Kickstarter campaign has 6 days left to reach its goal of £3,500. So far it has been more of a Kickstander and he has plateaued at £787. Unfortunatly for Jon (and the people who want to see the project happen) it is an “All or Nothing” campaign. 

It’s not too late to donate. If you have some extra money lying around you could kick it his way. If you are a gambling man and don’t think he will make his goal in time you could donate a LOT look like a hero and then lament the loudest when the project doesn’t happen and you get your money back. I intend to donate and I think you should too. 

I hope that Jon isn’t disuaded from trying again if it doesn’t work out next week. If he does try again I’d like to recommend a couple of ideas: 

  • In the promo video you mention that the locations have to be reasonable and not the Moon or Buckingham Palace. BUT Jon…those are exactly the kind of places WE WANT you to go. I would be happy to give more if it meant you would also be going to impossible locations. That is fun. W is for Waterfall. 
  • I would have liked to see a breakdown of your proposed budget. People are more likely to give if they know exactly what the money is going for. 
  • Ideally, there would be some way for all 26 shows to be seen full length online. 
  • Perhaps if you made shows A,B, and C and put those videos online people would be more excited to donate to see the rest. 
  • It would also be fun if the letters could be a theme and not just a place. A is for Arson. 

Here is a link to Jon’s Kickstarter: Right Here! 

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