Juggling Comedy By Kit Summers 

Juggling Comedy 

By Kit Summers

Self Published, 80 pages, Free 

Available By Request (kitsummers@gmail.com)

Kit Summers is perhaps best known for his book “Juggling With Finesse” (which is also available from Kit if you email him). He has also written some inspirational books and a secret PDF book titled “Juggling Comedy: For Life & Other Important Matters”. It is an interesting book. It is is need of a little editing and can sometimes be repetitive but it is still a great resource. 

For the beginning comedy juggler, the book is a veritable Garden of Eden. It is a paradise of practical and easy to follow advice to get you started. It outlines the major avenues of work and the standard ways a juggler can approach comedy. A warning: this Garden has its Serpent too…almost every well-worn joke and stock line/bit has been included in the book. It’s encyclopedic in the number of jokes recorded. It’s almost overwhelming and for a new juggler it is the Serpent offering you an apple to eat (while juggling). It would be far to easy to use the book as a Build-Your-Own-Show Kit. One could cherry pick their favorite jokes and ideas and create an act without working at all. Kit himself counsels against doing that but the temptation might be too much for some to resist. 

For the professional, the book is the opposite. Rather than being a temptation that will end up getting you kicked out of Paradise to spend the rest of your life wandering from birthday party gig to birthday party gig, the book offers a chance at redemption. A tool to get yourself back in the good graces of our Lord and Saviour, Michael Davis. Because every stock line imaginable is recorded in “Juggling Comedy” you can use it as a way to Hack-Check yourself. Are you using any of the lines in the book? Cut ’em out of your show. Are you using a version of one of the jokes in the book?

No! Kit says: “Kids…don’t try this at home. Try it at school!” BUT I say: “Kids…don’t try this at home. Try it at church”!  

That’s the same joke. You haven’t switched it to the bone (Scotty Meltzer’s amazing article on doing just that).  Thanks to Kit’s book you now have the chance to identify and re-write those old jokes. 

It’s an interesting read and it can be used for good or evil. I recommend all working comedy jugglers use it as a way to improve their act. As a writing exercise you can go through the jokes in the book and try to write versions of the joke that no one would recognize. For newer comedy jugglers it gives clear examples of what to do and the different ways to do it all while remaining positive about the process (the opposite of this blog) and as long as you can resist stealing material from the book it will serve you well. 

Kit is giving the PDF of “Juggling Comedy” away for free. You have nothing to lose.If you liked “Juggling Comedy” you can email a donation to Kit.

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