Reese’s Peanut Butter Clups 

Is There A Danger Alternative?

Most comedy jugglers use the trope of a “dangerous” juggle in their show. It’s indespensable for street shows and looks tidy on promo material. Many juggling prop makers conveniently sell standardized and easy to juggle “dangerous” props.  One of the problems with the so called “dangerous” juggle is believability. No one really thinks you are going to hurt yourself. You brought them with you and have spent an entire show proving your skill as a juggler! 

One way around this is to set the “danger” bar a little lower. Rather than setting your hands on fire, juggling knorches, or passing Garden Weasels try something a little more subtle. Instead of aiming for dismemberment or third degree burns, go for mild discomfort and irritation. 

Warning: This Comedy Juggling Blog Contains Nuts 

In order to perform this routine you’ll have to have a severe life-threatening allergy to nuts. Primarily the peanut. I’m talking Anaphylactic Shock allergic. 

The concept is simple: take some juggling clubs and smear peanut butter all over the “wrong” end. 

According to experts, those with severe peanut allergies will experience mild discomfort just by touching peanut butter. With the point of contact becoming painful and enflamed. You wouldn’t go to the hostipal for it but you might need some sort of topical cream. This is a perfectly believable amount of danger to be in…if you catch the club by the “wrong” end you’ll pay the price. 

To aid in the believability you must show the audience a video of your doctor explaining your allergy. Testimonials from school mates who had to live through your tyrannical “no nuts” classrooms. Even a projected photo of your medical records. Have an Epi-pen nearby or one of those cheap knock off Rite-Aid “Heroine” pens. Make sure to apply the peanut butter live and wear some heavy duty gloves when you do it. Prove that it is real peanut butter by having someone else with peanut allergies lick one. Be sure to include tricks where the club passes near to your mouth like chin rolls or the “helicopter”. For added storytelling do some nut-free juggling before and during a hard trick catch a club by the “wrong” end. Attempt that trick again with the Peanut Butter Clups (patent pending). 
Surely there is a comedy juggler out there with peanut allergies. Clubs covered in peanut butter are way funnier than machetes or torches and just as dangerous. So, Ms. Allergic to Nuts Comedy Juggler, you have my permission to use this (you all do) so the only questions left to ask yourself is: Are you Crunchy…or Smooth? 

If someone out there decided to try this winner please email me and I’ll send you all of jokes I wrote while imagining this routine. Just film your performance and send it to Balls & Jokes so we can post it for everyone to enjoy. Maybe, if enough comedy jugglers with peanut allergies film themselves doing this, one will mess up and comedy juggling can finally have it’s version of the “magician who slams his hand down on a spike” video! 

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  1. I have a memory of comedy juggler Aaron Gregg doing pretty much this exact routine at a Renegade at a British Juggling Convention around 2004 or 2005. Its a nice idea. I personally, avoid all the notion of danger in my shows completely. I do however, involve the element of risk, which I feel is a very different thing.


      1. Hi Thomas. No this isn’t what I am talking about. He did another routine in the Renegade where he had peanut butter on the end of one (or all) of the clubs and then he would do some 3 club tricks.


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