Who Books That? 

Who Books That? 

Almost every terrible gig story is followed by “Who books that?”. It has become so much of a trope that many entertainers say it ironically…but it still is the question I hear most. The question comes from both job insecurity and job mystery. Many comedy jugglers live gig to gig and for a lot of newer comedy jugglers each career step feels like a mystery. How do I get on cruises? Who books corporate gigs? I know you said that it was an awful gig without a stage, sound, or seats. I know you said it was in the middle of a parking lot. In Texas. In the summer. That sounds terrible…who books that? 

Who Books That? Is going to be a regular feature of the blog, aiming to de-mystify the gigging process for comedy jugglers. It’s not going to sell you the secret to corporate success and a sugar free life. It’s not going to get you gigs. It IS going to interview the people who book the gigs. It’s going to talk about the average pay and expenses of doing the gig and it’s going to provide any other relevant information you might need. 

The blog post is also going to serve as a living document. Each new Who Books That? Post will be archived here. For easy access add it to your bookmarks or favorites. 

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