Work In Progress: The Deangelo Part 2 

When I decided to do a Work In Progress series I made the choice to include every bit of my process. I’ll film and post the videos when I can. I’m also going to transcribe my notes post show about what did and didn’t work. Finally, I’m going to post all of my free writing sessions around the routine. That way you can really see the process. I will edit for spelling mistakes because I want it to be readable but I’ll include everything I wrote, crossed out, and re-wrote. 

I’m not going to pretend like this isn’t a vulnerable thing and that I am totally cool with it. I’m not. But, I personally would love to see more “process”. I think it’s amazing to see the development of an idea and wish that more people documented their creative processes not just the end results. 

Below is my first free write about my Deangelo which I’ve named Triplets. I had a 30 minute flight from Victoria to Vancouver and this is what I came up with between saftey briefings and returning my brain to an upright and locked position. None of the jokes really excited me and some are clearly poorly written versions of other people’s jokes. Most are not even jokes. They are just the first part of an idea that I abandoned mid way through or a sentence that I thought maybe someday could be the basis for a joke. That’s the process. I’ll probably do this 20 times before I hit on some really good ideas. 

Don’t know or remember what I am talking about? Read Part 1

And the comedy juggling form I am following is  The Advanced Form: The Deangelo

The joke/premise for the bit is: 

“As a parent having triplets sounds like a nightmare. But, as a juggler…”


Baby Juggling 

I’ve always had a soft spot for working with children. 

I don’t think people care about baby juggling, what they mind is baby dropping. 

You’re not supposed to shake babies but I think it’s okay to juggle them. 

They get about a kilo heavier once you start tossing them and an inexperienced jugglr will often be distracted by the smell. 

I can only hold two, so I’m going to need you to throw one into the pattern. 

You don’t 

No one knows exactly when I baby is ripe enough for juggling 

You can normally tell by cheat checking the soft spot 

Usually after they can hold their head up but before they can crawl away. 

You only need one troupe of baby jugglers to solve the over population problem. 

I’m not the only person who has considered throwing a baby. I might be the only person whose intention is to catch them again. 

If you want to juggle babies…

I recommend practicing over a soft surface. 

Follow the Catholic rule: always have one more than you can handle. 

Follow the Catholic Rule: If you’re struggling with 3, have a 4th.

Remember when you juggle your own babies that’s neglect but when you juggle stranger babies, that’s art. 

An immodest juggle. 

There are two reasons to toss each baby once before you juggle #1 and #2 

Don’t be upset with me, I didn’t invent baby juggling. I’m just miming it. 

I find there are two kinds of people in the world: people who want to have kids and people who want to juggle them. 

Juggling babies is just like juggling pins except babies are easier to 

  1. Make 
  2. Find 
  3. Buy 

You can have you own set. There is a 9 month wait…

One thought on “Work In Progress: The Deangelo Part 2 

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  1. “I recommend practicing over a soft surface.”

    So when I drop one I leave it… for the safety of the next one. This is also known as “priming” the stage.


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