The Old College Trimester 

The first 12 weeks or so of pregnancy blogging are the most consuming because everything is all so new, so exciting, even overwhelming. Please don’t tell any pregnant women that I compared a website about comedy juggling to being pregnant. Unless they are craving grossly self-important similes. Then please; writing a blog is the same as being pregnant. There are actually a few similarities: you’re nervous to tell people, people who aren’t also doing it don’t really want to hear about it, and the longer you do it the less likely you are to quit. 

I’ve been told it takes at least a year for a blog to really become a “thing”. Four trimesters. When I set out on this project in January I told myself I would evaualate the progress of the blog regularly. Once per trimester seems fair. At 12 weeks my blog is the size of a lime. So far, so-so. 

Things I’ve discovered

  • The stuff sucks. The good program is WordPress.Org. Oh well. I can switch in August. One of my goals was to engage the community but that is difficult when there are so many hoops to jump through in order to comment, share, or like a post. severely limits your ability to make those things easy. 
  • Design is really not my thing. I’m going to be looking into hiring professionals to make Balls & Jokes prettier. After all, you read with your eyes…
  • Some people really don’t like to be tagged on Facebook. If you are one of those people, please let me know. I’ll stop. 

Somethings You Can Expect

  • I’m working on standardizing a calendar for regular features like Q’s & A’s & Q’s and Who Books That? With each regular feature appearing once per month. 
  • Sometime in April I’ll be debuting a Peer Review option. You will be able to submit a video of an act and receive moderated constructive feedback on it. 
  • The site will continue to change appearance. I’m trying to work with the WordPress program as much as I can in order to make the reading experience as pleasurable as possible. If you see something you like/hate please let me know. I’ve done my best to incorporate everyone’s suggestions and will continue to do so. 

Something For The Stats Fans 

  • 41 posts 
  • 1,672 visitors 
  • On March 1st we had the highest number of views at 445 (Thanks Alex Clark!) 
  • 79 comments and 123 spam comments. 

Finally, I’ve been pretty happy with my schedule of three posts per week. It feels, to me, like a healthy amount of content. That being said, my favorite blog puts out posts Monday-Friday and it’s something I look forward to every morning. There are also so many things I’ve had to unfollow, unsubscribe from, and ignore because they post too many things. Here is a Nills Poll, tell me what you want. 

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