Work In Progress: The Deangelo Part 5 

To see the work that lead to this point read Part 1Part 2Part 3, & Part 4.

I’ve now had the chance to perform this routine 6 times. I made some little adjustments from show to show but I kept the same roster of jokes for all of them. I tried a couple of different wordings and changed the order a few times but it was basically these jokes in this order.

1. I saw a woman today with triplets. As a parent that sounds like a nightmare. But as a juggler… 

1b. That’s a career. 

2. I think the hardest part is starting. You need someone to toss one into you. 

3. It’s hard to know when a baby is ready to be juggled. 

3b. It has to be able to hold it’s head up but not be able to crawl away from you. 

4. I’m not the first person to imagine throwing a baby. I am the first person to imagine catching it again. And then throwing it, and then catching it. You guys know how juggling works. 

5. If you asked a mother of triplets if you could juggle her babies, she’d say no. But if you asked a mother or sextuplets…she’d know exactly which three to give you. 

So far those 5 jokes and their tags take just under a minute to perform. 

1. Has been in the show for a long time and both the joke and tag get good laughs. 

2. Is about 50/50 for me with half of them being a small laugh and the other half being no laugh. I still have faith in this concept if made not those exact words. I think an act out will be part of this joke which I haven’t had the chance to try yet. 

3. Has been getting consistent laughs on “It’s hard to know when a baby is ready to be juggled” and then the tag is getting either no laugh or a big laugh. It might be that I haven’t learned how to deliver the line or it’s just an inconsistent joke. I’m going to keep in the show for a while longer and see which it is. 

4. Has been all over the place. One night every beat got laughs. The next nothing. Sometimes little laughs, sometimes one big laugh on the set -up then nothing. I’ll be cutting this joke. I don’t have any faith in it. 

5. Has been great. This came up while I was brainstorming ways to fix number 4 and I knew right away that I liked it. It does some fun things. It re-establishes the premise (which I think is important if I want to get four minutes out of this idea) and I get to say sextuplets, which is a funny word. It’s also been getting good laughs. So far it’s been a strong joke to end with. I also feel comfortable delivering this joke anywhere. I also feel comfortable with 1 but 2, 3 and 4 feel like an easy way to lose the audience as they ask a little more of them and their morals. 

Now it’s time to do some more writing, re-write number 2, and try to write more tags for all the jokes that are working. At this rate I’ll need 20 good jokes to fill the four minute goal. It seems doable. 

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