You Like It? I Do It Again. By Ron Detinger 

You Like it? I Do it Again

By Ron Dentinger 

Self Published, 88 pages

Available on Amazon $9.99 or less 

We live in a world where the quality of documentaries, books, and information on obscure people, hobbies, and events is better than ever. You can watch an expertly made and beautiful documentary on people who play Donkey Kong. Or read a well written book by a well known author on the world of competitive Scrabble players. Even magic has had a flood of documentaries about its leading skeptics, con men, and rising stars. Juggling, especially comedy juggling, has not yet caught up. 

I was excited when I saw that someone had written a book about Deiter Tasso. I’ve seen him perform in Germany and watched clips of him killing in the Wisconsin Dells.  I’d been told about his once prowess on the slack wire and was inspired by his long career. Unfortunately, the book was pretty mediocre. 

Mostly, I just wanted more. More of everything. The author touched on many interesting subjects: Deiter’s family of jugglers, his transition from juggler to comedy juggler, and his work in such varied venues (from center ring in Ringling Bro’s to re opening the Wintergarten in Berlin). The author managed to just skim the surface on everything except Deiter’s involvement with himself and the Tommy Bartlett Show. In fact, a good portion of the book felt like an advertisement for the famous summer show. 

At best it felt like an outline for a book and at it’s worst it felt like a Highschooler’s essay about Tasso. There are some rare pictures in the book but they are all grainy and blurry (the author admits that he was warned against them but decided to use them anyway). You’ll learn more about Tasso watching him perform online or reading about him on the I.J.A’s website. 

I didn’t like it. I wouldn’t read it again. 

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