A Hot Slice Of Oh Shit Show Pie

(The Oh Shit Show)

This is for comedy jugglers who work on cruise ships. Here is the scenario:

Your show didn’t arrive. Or maybe they’ve asked you to do a second 45. Or a 20 minute variety show set. 

You don’t have the time. You could grab a couple of apples. Or maybe some ping pong balls from the sports deck. Or you could do this: 

Every cruise ship makes pizza. It should be relatively easy to get a ball of dough or three from the pizza chef and voila! You have a new act. According to Ali, the professional pizza dough tossers don’t use yeast and I have no idea if that would make a huge difference or not. You’ll have to do some experimenting. It’s not like you have anything else to do on the ship. 

You’ll have to learn the skill of course. You can learn in on land and without cooking by purchasing a silicon practice dough like this.  

Even for the comedy jugglers who don’t work ships I think this is an interesting skill. The silicone practice dough looks convincing enough and packs super small and would make a great addition to a Dropp Kit  or just a show in general. Of course real dough is better and more interesting but that doesn’t stop people from juggling fake knives. 

It’s a fun “everyday object” and people have some relation to it and most people have at least seen a picture of someone throwing pizza dough if not in real life or the movies. From a comedy stand point it would be easy to write jokes for. Pizza is pretty universal and has a huge amount of inherent points of reference. There is even that old standby: What’s the difference between a juggler and a large pizza? A large pizza can feed a family! 

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