20 Objects Every Comedy Juggler Should Know About 

Jamie Coventry asked for a list of 20 juggle-able objects. This is kind of that. 

 Things You Should Stop Juggling Now 

1. Juggling Machetes 

2. Plungers 

3. Bowling Balls 

4. Apples 

5. Your taxes! Women! All the responsablities in your life! 

Things That Are Good To Juggle But Should Now Be Off Limits  

6. Mousetraps* 

7. Marshmallows 

8. Paddleballs 

9. Toilet seat covers/Plastic Bags/ Things that juggle like scarves but aren’t 

10. Rubber Chickens

* rat traps are probably okay though. That’s enough of a switch…right?  

Things That Are Generally Missing In The Comedy Juggling Department 

11. Devilsticks 

12. Rings 

13. Kendama 

14. Contact Juggling 

15. Comedy 

Toys That Have Some Comedy Juggling Potential 

16. Simon Swipe

17. Hyper Toss

18. Slinky 

19. Fantastic Gymnastics

20. Drones 

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