You Had A Bad Show? I’m So Sorry…Tell Me Everything

I love nomenclature. Knowing the exact word for something obscure or the proper collective noun for three or more parrots (a pandemonium). One of the best parts of learning German was discovering all of these unusual words that don’t exist in English. One of my favorites, that we actually use in English, is schadenfreude. It’s a great word. I tried for years to write a portmanteau in German but it’s very difficult because the German language has no rules for compound words and so portmanteaux don’t really mean anything. The German’s can already just smush together hungry and angry into hungryangry and so hangry doesn’t mean anything to them. Not only does schadenfreude capture something unique it was also the key to the only succesfull German portmanteau I ever wrote (Schadenfreudeschonergottenfunken if you’re wondering. I’ll let you work that one out). 

Schadenfruede  noun 

Pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune. 

Perfect. I’d like to introduce a new word to the performer’s lexicon: 

Showenfruede noun

Pleasure derived by someone from another performer’s unfortunate show

Perfect. One of the infamous Red Neck Tenors introduced me to the term and I think it’s a shame it’s not more widely used. We’ve all experienced it and like schadenfruede, it perfectly captures the complex feeling that you have when listening to another act’s horrorific gig story. 

I’ll be posting some showenfruede stories here on Balls & Jokes and I encourage you to share your shitty show experiences and tag them with #showenfruede. It’s better than #circuseverydamnday or #betweendreams (which sounds like a poetic way of saying you’re unemployed). 

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