Some Terms 

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve introduced some new terms and ideas to the blog. There are also two that I’ve heard or talked about recently but haven’t written about. I’ll be adding these to the Glossary as well. Feel free to write in your own terms that you think belong in the comedy juggler lexicon.

The Balloon Pop Trick or just Ballon Pop or 🎈💥 if you are into emojis. This term describes any of the various mouthstick tricks where you “balance” an object on a balloon and balance the balloon on a mouthstick. Then you pop the ballon and catch the falling object balanced on the mouthstick. 

Dismount – In addition to its regular meanings it can also be used to describe the ending of a combination trick. As in: the combination trick was really stellar but the dismount was a little awkward. 

Muggler- Someone who isn’t a juggler. 

Idiot-Savant – A performance style exemplified by appearing not to be able to do something and then doing it very well. Often the performer is “discovering” what an object is capable of with the audience and is just as surprised when it is successful as the audience is. Often appears like the performer is improvising and out of control when the opposite is true. 

Showenfruede- Pleasure derived by someone from another performer’s unfortunate show

IMAG – Short for Image Magnification, it is the process by which you project a live video of you performer to highlight close up and intimate presentations

Convincer – The subtle actions or lines used to reinforce a “reality” to the audience. Can be used to convince them that something fake is real or that something real is, in fact, real. 

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    1. Thom, that’s what David Cain said too. I thought about trying to brand the trick as the “Uno” or the “Lanka” but David suggested Balloon Pop and I thought it was a catchy enough name to maybe get some traction. What do you think?


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