“Juggler” In 20 Languages 

Knowing how to point at myself and say “juggler” in a bunch of languages has helped ease my way through many a customs line, security check, and immigration interview. Even just having the word written down on a piece of paper has helped when I spoke neither the language nor understood the alphabet. Here is “juggler” 20 languages. You’ll have to do your own work to learn pronunciations and good look trying to explain “comedy juggler” to anybody. Any important languages I missed (your’s probably)? Leave them and any other handy language tips in the comments section below. 

Mandarin: 玩杂耍的人

Spanish: malabarista 

Hindi : बाजीगर

Russian : Жонглер

Arabic: المشعوذ

Portuguese: malabarista 

Bengali: বাজিকর

French: jongleur 

Malay: juggler 

German: jongleur 

Japanese: ジャグラー

Urdu: جوگلار

Korean: 요술 쟁이

Turkish: hokkabaz 
Italian: giocoliere

Cantonese: 玩杂耍的人

Polish: kuglarz
Filipino: juggler 

Dutch: jongleur  

Klingon: Juggler 

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