The Blog Name Challenge! 

I’ve decided to continue to write a blog but I feel like I made my focus too narrow. I’d like to expand from focusing on comedy jugglers to focus on comedy stuffers. People who use objects as a vehicle for comedy. 

But I can’t figure out a good name. 

Greg Frisbee owns but won’t give it to me so now we, as a community, need to brainstorm up a name. The name should be concise and should inform people that this a blog that is going to examine the craft of using objects to tell jokes, so help me out and if you have been enjoying the blog so far, help it stay around. I don’t want your money, I don’t want your email address, I just want to find a new home for the blog after goes to live with its real mother and wicked stepfather Mr.Wordpress. 

Let er rip in the comments, let’s figure this out! Goooooooo team! 

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