Some Terms 

Over the past couple of weeks I've introduced some new terms and ideas to the blog. There are also two that I've heard or talked about recently but haven't written about. I'll be adding these to the Glossary as well. Feel free to write in your own terms that you think belong in the comedy... Continue Reading →

6 Months! 

Today marks the beginning of month 6. 1/2 way to my goal of a year. The second trimester. The blog is ithe size of a banana now and we are experiencing more symptoms of long term blogging. Doubt sets in. It's also harder to lie on our back. We're feeling some movement but it seems... Continue Reading →

4 Criteria For Being Bad 

I was reading a random magazine that I found in an airport. I never figured out the title, it was far too hip a publication for such trivialities. The magazine focuses on the concept of excellence. Mostly it was business related though there were some interesting articles about how perfection relates to excellence (spoiler alert:... Continue Reading →


Why is material theft such a problem in comedy juggling? Is the problem that we spend all of our energy learning the skills and don't have the resources left to come up with original material?  I don't have a real answer. I know that they are many original comedy jugglers but there are just as... Continue Reading →

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